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Complaint Filed Against Amber Federizo with the Nevada State Board of Nursing

Amber Federizo
Amber Federizo

Hemo Times has been instructed to pull back the curtain on the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center of Nevada (HTCNV). As you may know, the HTCNV kicked Jesse John Francis Clark out after he refused to sign a contract to stay quiet. They were trying to silence him. Clark felt that this was a restiction on his freedom of speech and gave the unsigned oontract back and walked out.

Amber Federizo is the "Medical Director" at HTCNV and we are leaking all info we have on Amber.

Amber Federizo was born Amber Marie Vierra on September 16, 1983. Amber is currently 37 yeas old. Amber is a Nevada Native and has never lived outside of the Silver State. She is currently married to Stephen James Fedrizo II. Stephen was born on April 9, 1982 and is currently 38 years old. The couple currently reside at 10250 Hawks Wing Street in Las Vegas. We post this address as this is public record. Amber has an active PLLC that is registered through Nevada's Secretary of State and this address is listed on the registration. Amber and Stephen are currently married and have two children, a boy and a girl. Amber and Stephen were married in Washoe County on July 16, 2005.

Amber Federizo
Amber and Stephen Federizo

We checked with the Nevada State Board of Nursing and Amber currently has an active RN license #RN48717. She is not a medical doctor.

Jesse John Francis Clark has submitted a complaint against Amber Federizo with the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

Clark says in the complaint that: "I have been a patient of Amber Federizo for the past 6 years. I have severe Hemophilia A. On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Amber Federizo presented me with a contract with a non-disparagement clause. Amber knows that own a bleeding disorder non-profit and a medical news website. She was trying to silence me from saying anything negative against her and the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center of Nevada. She said that If I do not sign it right there and then, she would no longer see me as a patient. I asked if I could have a week to review it and see what my legal options were and she said no. I was essentially forced to walk out. This is the only federally recognized Hemophilia Treatment Center in Nevada. It has been 12 days now since my last infusion. I have no access to factor and care."

Nevada State Board of Nursing Complaint
Nevada State Board of Nursing Complaint

We will keep the community up-to-date in regards to outcome of this complaint against Amber Federizo.


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