Bayer Has Been Selling You Candy Since 1968!

Hemo Times

Bayer, the pharma company that killed thousands of hemophiliacs in the late ’70s and early ’80s when they released factor that was contaminated with HIV and Hep C. Not only did Bayer know about it, instead of recalling the product and destroying it, they shipped it overseas and killed more hemophiliacs. Well, Bayer manufactures Flintstones Vitamins for kids. These "vitamins" contained artificial flavors, synthetic colors, high fructose syrup and sugar. These are not vitamins; this are candy in disguise.

Now, Bayer changed the ingredients and people hate it because it doesn’t taste as good.

That’s the point.

Healthy doesn’t have a good taste.

For 52 years, Bayer has been selling candy to kids.

The most interesting thing about this is the saying on the box “Pediatrician’ #1 Choice”

Hemo Times

Who are these pediatricians and why would they ever recommend this to children?

It’s false advertising.

No one would ever recommend these vitamins to be a healthy choice for children with those ingredients.

Stay away from anything Bayer sells.


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