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Bleeding Disorder Non-profit HemoAware merges with Hemo Times

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Earlier this morning. HemoAware Corporation merged with Hemo Times. Entrepreneur and hemophiliac, Jesse John Francis Clark founded HemoAware in late 2018 with a mission to enhance the lives of those living with inherited bleeding disorders through advocacy education and technology. Clark was originally the Secretary of the board for the Nevada Chapter of The National Hemophilia Foundation. Clark resigned on that board after seeing the balance sheet of the chapter and the nominal amounts going back to community members. Jesse John Francis Clark founded HemoAware to expose the truth of the scam that these organizations have along with the pharma companies that are in their back pocket. Clark was the only community member to advocate the safety of Genentech’s Emicizumab (Hemlibra) which currently has 44 fatalities and that number keeps growing every quarter. Due to Clark exposing this to the community, Genentech has since refused to provide the comminmity with a quaterly update on Hemlibra fatalities.

While Clark was at the helm of HemoAware, he created successful programs for the community which includes HemoFlights and HemoAware's Financial Assistance program. Clark is known for being the first patient to be kicked out of a Hemophilia Treatment Center, the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center of Nevada. Clark launched Hemo Times in September 2019 to see how the bleeding disorders community would respond to a TMZ style news website. Hemo Times has had over 6,000 unique visitors since its launch.

Jesse John Francis Clark resigned as President and CEO of HemoAware Corporation in January 2020 to launch Fixx Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company in pursuit of curing hemophilia through gene editing.

In November 2020, Clark was featured on the cover of Total Prestige, a business and luxury lifestyle magazine and was interviewed for a cover story about Fixx Pharmaceuticals and what it's like living with severe hemophilia.

As of this morning, the HemoAware website domain and social media now reflect Hemo Times.


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