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Cure 4 The Kids Foundation Loses Federal Funding Due to Misappropriation

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The Cure 4 The Kids Foundation based in Las Vegas, Nevada lost its funding due to misappropriating federal funds. Annette Logan-Parker (pictured left), who runs the day to day operations apparently doesn’t care about patients. For those unfamiliar with Cure 4 The Kids, they were a federally recognized Hemophilia Treatment Center that served 100's of bleeding disorder patients throughout the Las Vegas Valley. This center was federally funded and, when you receive federal funds, you need to account for every penny spent so they were audited. After a full investigation, it was deemed that Cure4Kids misappropriated federal funds given by the federal government to assist the Hemophilia Treatment Center. They also lost it's 340b funding.

After word got out by community members that the HTC at Cure 4 The Kids was losing its funding, Annette Logan-Parker, sent out a letter to patients stating that this was hyperbole and they were not losing federal funding. Well, this was a lie and the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation lost its federal funding for the HTC. A lot of patients who we spoke to about this matter stated that the blatant lying in the letter was enough to lose faith in the HTC. Annette Logan-Parker could have been honest with the community but she choose to try to hide the fact that the HTC was audited.

Since Cure 4 The Kids is no longer a federally recognized HTC, members of the medical team left and started a new HTC which is now federally recognized. All those hemophilia patients that Cure 4 The Kids served are now serviced at the new HTC. Only a handful of patients are still being seen at Cure 4 The Kids.

UPDATE: 1/24/20 - The Cure 4 Kids Foundation is no longer listed as a designated HTC on the CDC website.


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