Hemlibra Deaths Now at 54

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Hemlibra Deaths

According to the Federal Adverse Events Reporting System (FAERS) there are now 54 deaths involving the use of Emicizumab a/k/a Hemlibra. The last reporting we did on Hemlibra was February 15, 2021, when there were 47 Hemlibra deaths. There are also 700 serious cases (non-fatal) reported regarding the use of Hemlibra.

As we have indicated in the past, Genentech, which is the manufacturer of Hemlibra, stopped uploading the quarterly death report because we have been reporting on it and the community has been seeing our posts which is bad for Genentech's business. Well, we can still get reports from the Federal Adverse Events Reporting System, for now.

If you haven't already you can read the most extensive article on Hemlibra by clicking here.

We will keep you updated as always.

Hemlibra Deaths


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