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Hemophilia of Georgia is a Fraud

As you might already know, we are exposing everything that is wrong with the bleeding disorders community. Hemophilia of Georgia has an annual revenue of 63 million dollars. After expenses, they have 47 million sitting in the bank account. They have more revenue than ALL chapters of the National Hemophilia Foundation COMBINED. You would think 63 million would be enough, but on April 27, 2020, money was deposited into their bank account after they fraudulently applied for a Payroll Protection Program loan from the Small Business Administration. Really, Hemophilia of Georgia? You have 47 million dollars and you need money to help cover payroll after being the most profitable NHF chapter?

Not only did Hemophilia of Georgia get a PPP loan, under the CARES ACT, employers get an additional grant of $1,000 per employee. PPP loans are FORGIVABLE loans as long as the loan is used to pay employees. It's free money, but Hemophilia of Georgia does not need $.

Hemophilia of Georgia makes its money from fundraising and government grants. The majority of their revenue comes from their pharmacy where they bill insurance companies and keep profits. How much profit? 21 million dollars reported as profit from selling factor, to their own community! They have the audacity to tell their community members to "fundraise" after making millions off of medicine they need to stay alive.

Keep in mind, hemophiliacs still need factor during a pandemic, so Hemophilia of Georgia is still making money. So, they don't need a PPP loan to cover payroll.

Hemophilia of Georgia pays 4.1 million dollars on payroll. The CEO of Hemophilia of Georgia is Edith Rosato and she makes more money than Hemophilia Federation of America's CEO, Sharon Meyers. In fact, Edith Rosato makes more money than ALL chapter CEOs or EDs.

Give the money back to the SBA, Hemophilia of Georgia. You were caught red-handed and we reported this to the Inspector General.

Now we know why Hemophilia of Georgia goes by the name of HoG, because they hog all of the money!


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