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Hemophilia of Georgia Thinks They Can Cure Hemophilia with $5,000!

Hops for Hemophilia lol
Hemophilia of Georgia

We had a good laugh when we saw this ad on Hemophilia of Georgia's social media. They want you to to go to your local store and buy Sweetwater beer and then hit thier donate button on thier site to raise money for a cure for Hemophilia. If you go to the website their goal is $5,000.

Uh, you are going to need more than $5K to find a cure for hemophilia. Just so you know, there are (currently) only two possible ways to cure hemophilia and thats through gene editing and gene therapy.

There are currently four poor souls who donated thier hard earned money to this sham fundraiser.

Megan Olson: $208.00

Abigail Olson: $26.00

Karen Geney: $104.00

George Cornett: $104.00

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Hemophilia of Georgia is the most liquid chapter out of all NHF chapters. Any money that they raise will be going straight into thier bank account.

No cure will come from this.


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