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Massachusetts Nurses Association Now in The Business of Bullying

You probably saw the article that was posted yesterday where I introduced you to news of

800 Massachusetts nurses that are on strike. Now, the flames of this dumpster fire are really out of control. The Massachusetts Nurses Association is now bullying the hospital and nurses who decided to keep working. Carolyn Jackson, who is the CEO of Saint Vincent Hospital, asked the leaders of the Massachusetts Nurses Association to condemn a list of actions allegedly taken by those standing in the picket line outside of the hospital.

According to Jackson's letter, the incidents include:

  • "Texting pictures of wounds to nurses from burner phones as a way of calling them ‘scabs.’

  • "Photographing license plates of cars of nurses who crossed the picket line.

  • "Yelling ‘I know where you park’ to nurse managers as they drive into the garage.

  • "Finding out the time of arrival for the ‘hero scab of the day' so that you can ‘show her some real MNA love’ when she arrives.

  • "Directing your picketers that only those who are willing to hurl insults and yell are welcome to picket during shift change.

  • "Telling a boy and his father who were coming for a pre-sleep study COVID test that they would die if they entered the hospital.

  • "Blocking the husband of one of your striking nurses from coming to a cardiology appointment.

  • "Yelling racist remarks at a delivery driver of color while pulling into the loading dock.

  • "Posting the location of the hotel where some of the travel nurses are staying, and calling numerous times to threaten the manager.

  • "Shining a bright flashlight into the eyes of employees driving into the parking garage this morning."

See, I told you this was a dumpster fire. The nurses who decided to go to work are having their pictures taken off of their social media and the Massachusetts’s Nurses Association is printing them and using them as signs to call out the nurses who decided to go to work. (see photo below)

Massachusetts Nurses Association
This RN went to work and now has her head on a stick

Can you believe this? I mean treat your co-workers with decorum and respect. Not everyone wants to freeze their ass off outside to picket. Some people just want to go to work, do their job and go home and not get involved.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association is nothing but a gang of middle-aged women (and some men) who pay initiation and dues to be a part of that gang. A labor union is an organization of workers that is formed to protect and advocate for its members’ interests. What the Massachusetts Nurses Association is doing is beyond the scope of a labor union.

At the time of writing this article, the nurses are still outside picketing and have not come to an agreement with Saint Vincent Hospital.


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