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National Hemophilia Foundation Desperate for Donations

While being active in the bleeding disorders community, we get to see and hear everything. The bleeding disorders community is a small tight knit community. Over the past couple of months, NHF has been running a campaign where they are seeking donations. However, in return for your donation, they will send you a pair of Converse sneakers with blood drops digitally printed on the side of the sneakers.

National Hemophilia Foundation
What are Those!?

NHF always has the same modus operandi when sending out a email to promote donations. Every email starts out with a sob story.

For Carly and her two grown children, that feeling of isolation began decades before the pandemic. Both Gabriel and Ariel, now in their 20s, received a factor X (FX) deficiency diagnosis at birth, a bleeding disorder affecting 1 in 500,000-1,000,000 people in the U.S. That means only 300-600 other American families know the impact of this diagnosis.
Carly and her family needed a community, one that understood this rare diagnosis and could offer support. And they found exactly that with the National Hemophilia Foundation.”

First of all, is this Carly a real person? What has NHF done financially for Carly and her family? Let’s move on to the meat of this email.

When you give, you extend a hand to those in the bleeding disorders community. You walk with them from the sidelines and into a space designed to empower and inspire all of us. You amplify their voices, making sure they’re always heard, and keep them connected to the critical resources NHF offers. Plus, with your renewed support of $625, you’ll receive a complimentary pair of custom Converse sneakers designed for the bleeding disorders community*—perfect for when you’re walking alongside somebody in our community who feels left behind.

Damn, $625 for a pair of Converse sneakers with blood drops printed on the side. That is a lot of money to ask during a global pandemic where the majority of Americans are not working or have had their hours reduced.

That email was sent on October 27th.

Now, on November 18, 2020, NHF sent out another email. Again, same modus operandi, it began with a sob story and they called this campaign “A Walk in Our Shoes” but look at this:

This Giving Tuesday, we’re asking you to put yourself in their shoes, too. Donate at least $50 during Giving Shoesday on 12/1/2020 to receive a special edition pair of Converse sneakers, made especially for the bleeding disorders community.

Would you look at that! The price has dropped. Now you can get a pair of sneakers for donating at least $50 bucks.

We hope nobody paid the $625 as indicated in the first email to get these fugly sneakers. Once, NHF dropped the price, they started to receive donations. NHF will not make much at this price point.

Guess you gotta do what you gotta do when you have a 17,000 SF NYC office. Rent is due on the first and that's the same day that this campaign ends. Coincidence?


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