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National Hemophilia Foundation Fraudulently Obtained 2 Million Dollar PPP Loan

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Well, well, well, would you look at this! The National Hemophilia Foundation fraudulently applied for a Payroll Protection Program loan through the SBA for 2 MILLION dollars. The money was deposited into their checking account on April 15, 2020.

For those of you who do not know what a PPP loan is, we got you covered. Shortly after the U.S. was hit with COVID-19, Congress passed the CARES Act. The Payroll Protection Program was intended to prop up small businesses. Loans can be for 2.5X the payroll costs. The PPP loan is intended to help SMALL businesses make payroll and keep their employees employed. The problem? The National Hemophilia Foundation isn't a small business. They are a 72-year-old non-profit who is in bed with EVERY major pharmaceutical company. They are currently sitting on 20 million dollars in assets, but they need a 2M loan to cover payroll? Get out of here.

We filed a report with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and reported this as fraud. While we have the spotlight on the National Hemophilia Foundation, let's bring up their mission statement. Have you ever read what their "mission statement"? Well here it is:

"The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for inheritable bleeding disorders and to preventing the complications of these disorders through education, advocacy and research."

Well, it's been 72 years and NHF hasn’t found ANY better treatment or a "cure" since 1948 when they formed as a non-profit You are not going to find a better treatment or a "cure" unless you are a pharma company with a research lab and NHF is not a pharma company. NHF has a flawed mission and has been pocketing money from the bleeding disorder community for a long time.

They should change their name to National Hemophilia Criminals.

If you want to see NHF's loan info for yourself, you can look up ANY business who obtained a PPP loan over 1M by clicking here.

UPDATE 7/16/20: Some hemophiliac troll on twitter says, "but non-profits can apply" Under the PPP guidelines, an applicant must make a "good faith" certification that the uncertainty of current economic conditions makes the loan request necessary to support ongoing operations. If NHF has over 20M on hand, then obviously they can afford to make payroll.

The loan NHF obtained was not made in "good faith."


UPDATE 7/17/20: Maxwell Feinstein just emailed in his two cents. You know that ratty hair, nail biting and mild Hemophilia "advocate" from dirty New Jersey. Anyway, he says "but you cite revenue without citing expenses."

Oh, expenses? One of their biggest expense are the salaries of the "Senior Leadership" team. That "team" consists of 10 people and that payroll costs 2.2M annually. NHF wouldn’t need to take out a loan to cover payroll if this do nothing "team" took a reasonable salary. Former NHF CEO, Val Bias made $450K a year. We still don't know what he did to make that other than a few emails with his name on it through constant contact, telling us to "donate now" and "time is running out" Yeah, Val, we know you need us to donate now so you can make payroll. We did see Val riding on an electric wheelchair through the halls of the hotels at the conferences but that doesn’t warrant almost a half a million compensation.

HemoAware has a staff of 4 (who all work part time) with an annual payroll cost of just under 40K. The sad part: HemoAware operates out of a 100sf office with a computer and an internet connection and have made more noise in the hemophilia community in the past year and a half than NHF has in 72 years, unless you count that time they were nationally scrutinized for failing to warn the community about HIV laced factor.

UPDATE 7/18/20: You want another expense? The National Hemophilia Foundation leases an 11,000sf office in NYC for $770,000 per year, that come to a little over 64K a month. They take up half of the 12th floor. A publication company occupies the other half of the 12th floor. NHF's landlord, Feil Organization, tells us NHF signed the lease in 2015 and that they still have several years left on the lease. So how big is 11,000sf? Well, you can fit 7 Starbucks inside NHF's office. NYC is one of the highest cities to rent in the U.S.

NHF can't rent a more affordable office outside of NYC? Who authorized this?

Anyway, put on your walking shoes and raise some money for NHF because they need it.

National Hemophilia Foundation's 11,000sf Office

We will leave you with one more eye popping number. You know how NHF holds an annual bleeding disorder's conference, right? Do you know what it costs NHF to put on that weekend conference? What if I told you it costs over 5 MILLION,

Hey NHF, how about we scrap the annual conference and you evenly disburse 5 million to bleeding disorder famalies? You know to help with co-pays and such?

When we go after NHF like this, and we have for a year now, it's not to bully but to shed light because some of you are still in the dark. We do this for all of those community members who are no longer here because of NHF's failure to do it's job. If you are OK with NHF, you are part of the problem.

UPDATE 7/21/20: Read a statement from Jesse John Francis Clark, the founder of HemoAware, regarding NHF's "loan":

The National Hemophilia Foundation applied for and received a 2 million dollar payroll protection program loan through the Small Business Administration and I blew the whistle on it. Why? well because the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is a fugazi non-profit with annual revenue of over 20M. The NHF receives government grants and funding from the pharma industry and does very little to help the suffering bleeding disorder community and I’m tired of the bullshit.
I’ve been a severe hemophiliac for 36 years. I never received any help or assistance from NHF. I was also an NHF board member and got to see what was going on from the inside and that was enough for me to figure out what was going on. I then started my own non-profit, HemoAware, to expose NHF and what is wrong with the bleeding disorder community. When I opened HemoAware, I got a visit by a Bayer sales rep trying to get in front of our followers. Then Octapharma showed up and then Brothers Healthcare, etc. The hemophilia community is nothing more than a sales opportunity. As a person with severe Hemophilia A, I am not a sales opportunity. I was born into this world without any say on my bleeding disorder. You think anyone wants a bleeding disorder? When I get joint bleeds, the pain is excruciating, and I am a grown man. Now, think how a toddler must feel. How about young parents who can’t feel that pain but can see their kid in agonizing pain? Ever see three nurses hold down a screaming kid to get infused? I’m trying to help my community. My daughters are carriers. I’m doing this for them and the future generations, so they don’t have to suffer. Joint damage from bleeds is no joke.
I’ve known about the fraudulent NHF PPP loan for over a month now and I just leaked the info 4 days ago on Hemo Times.
NHF has been after me since I started HemoAware and has tried many times to make it difficult to succeed in the community. Brett Spitale, NHF’s “VP of Advancement” (whatever that means) was going to go on the news and say that HemoAware was a “scam non-profit.” How do I know this, because a news reporter called me and asked for a statement for their news segment. I was going to respond with what I know about NHF. Then, I decided to do some digging and looked up NHF to see if they received a PPP loan and, sure enough, I was right. The loan NHF received could have gone to small businesses that really needed the money to survive during the pandemic.
HemoAware has published videos and articles on NHF to try to “red pill” the bleeding disorder community. The National Hemophilia Foundation has never rebutted anything that was ever posted because it’s the truth. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on. Just read their Form 990 filings and you can see who makes what, what they spend, etc. If they cared about the bleeding disorder community, they would be more money-conscious.
Interesting enough, the news station decided not to run the story about HemoAware being a “scam” so I didn’t get my chance to respond to their “story” since it never aired. So, I decided to leak NHF’s fraudulent PPP loan because the bleeding disorder community has a right to know.
By the way, HemoAware made $697.55 on t-shirt sales and $5,020 in donations in 2019. Not even enough to cover the office rent, let alone payroll. That came out of my pocket.
Some scam though, huh?

UPDATE: 7/22/20: We have released a list of all reported revenue from all NHF Chapters.

The list will shock you. See it for yourself here.


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