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Navicent Health Endangers Newborn Hemophilia Patient

Navicent Health
Active Bleed from arterial blood draw

A community member contacted Hemo Times yesterday out of frustration with Navicent Health’s dealing with a newborn infant born with severe hemophilia. The infant was born three weeks ago at Navicent Health in Macon, Georgia.

The infant’s mother tells us that Navicent Health went behind her back and drew arterial blood when she told them not to because the infant was born with severe hemophilia. As a result of the arterial blood draw, the infant suffered a severe bleed in the infant’s left arm. As soon as the mom noticed the bleed, she demanded that her son receive factor right away. Navicent denied the administration of factor and insisted that they use Amicar. It took an astonishing 11 days for this infant to receive factor for an active arterial bleed. Mom tells us that she has been working with the HTC in Atalanta since the day this happened and that Dr. Robert F. Sidonio is aware of the situation. If you remember from last year, Hemo Times published an extensive article on Dr. Sidonio and his failure to address concerns regarding Hemlibra. Mom stated that the HTC even came up with a birth plan for her son and that she feels that Navicent health and the HTC failed in the handling of this situation. This is the same HTC that we did a story on last year after they received a PPP loan when they did not need it because they are the most profitable HTC in the entire country.

We are incredibly grateful that this community member reached out to us because we have been trying to advocate patient safety since the launch of Hemo Times. This is a prime example of how medical centers are not prepared to handle hemophilia patients. Everyone seems to be an expert but when things go wrong, no one wants to take responsibility for it. In this situation with the infant, the mother told Navicent Health not to do the arterial blood draw, but they did it anyway knowing that infant was a hemophiliac. Then they suggested to use Amicar when the infant sustained a bleed, that was located on the infant’s left arm. Amicar is best used for bleeding in the mouth or after a tooth has been removed because it blocks a substance found in saliva that breaks down clots. This infant needed factor from the get-go.

We are including the text messages that were exchanged with us so you can see for yourself how frustrated this new mom is and she would like to warn the community so this does not happen to anyone else.

Navicent Health

Navicent Health
Navicent Health


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