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NHF Finally Realizes That They Need a More Diverse Board of Directors

For the first time since 1948, the National Hemophilia Foundation finally realizes that they need a diverse board. For the past 72 years, the NHF Board of Directors has predominantly consisted of white males. The last person of color that was on NHF’s board was back in 2015.

During the opening sessions of NHF’s 2020 Virtual Bleeding Disorders Conference, Scott Miller, who is Chair of the Board, read from a script stating that the board just figured out that they need a more diverse board. Really, you just figured that out?

Scott Miller stated “at our May board meeting, the entire board recognized that our recent board elections have resulted in a board that no longer reflects the bleeding disorders community. Our board, right now, is predominantly white male. We have two female board members.”

Not only does NHF need a diverse board, they need board members who actually have a bleeding disorder. There have been a couple board members who are caregivers of hemophiliacs, but the board has never been dominated by people who actually live with an inherited bleeding disorder. Think about that. A hemophilia non-profit should consist of a board of hemophiliacs. Not only that but of all races and all genders. NHF has never had someone who is transgender on their board.

I would tell you to apply to have the opportunity to be a board member for NHF but we do not condone criminal organizations. Furthermore, being on NHF’s board is out of reach for many community members. Per NHF's Governing Policy of The NHF Board of Directors, "each Board member is required to provide unrestricted financial support to NHF at a minimum of $2,000 or more per calendar year."

There are currently 16 board members. NHF makes $32,000 from these board members.

These board members pay NHF to be on the board.

NHF's Governing Policy of The NHF Board of Directors

Hey NHF, if you want a more diverse board, get rid of the $2,000 entry fee. Then, after you get a more diverse board, give your website a refresh. According to Internet Archive, you haven't updated your website layout since 2014.


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