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Novo Nordisk Discontinues Subcutaneous Trial Product

C N8-GP (NN7170) discontinued due to anti-drug antibodies detection In November 2018, Novo Nordisk completed alleviate 1, a combined single- and multiple-dose trial investing safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics with SC N8-GP. The objective of SC N8-GP was to develop N8-GP for subcutaneous administration for prophylactic treatment of patients with Haemophilia A. In the trial, anti-drug antibodies were detected after repeated treatment with SC N8-GP in five out of 26 patients. The antibody formation was considered a result of the subcutaneous route of administration as a similar antibody pattern has not been observed following intravenous administration of N8-GP. Based on the clinical findings in alleviate 1 Novo Nordisk has decided not to continue the development of SC N8-GP.


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