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Reported Annual Revenue for NHF Chapters

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Here is the list of all National Hemophilia Foundation Chapters and their reported revenue with the IRS. The chapters listed in bold font are the chapters making over 1M in revenue. The chapters not listed file jointly under NHF's Form 990, which we already posted about here.

As you can see, not one chapter is hurting for money. The next time you see NHF or an affiliated chapter asking for you to "donate now" or "time is running out", it's complete bullshit.

Hemophilia of Georgia has the highest revenue of ALL of the other NHF Chapters COMBINED!

Hemophilia of Georgia: $63,354.163

Alaska Hemophilia Association: $237, 260

Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders of Alabama: $113,690

Arizona Hemophilia Association: $610,020

Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California: $167,172

Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California: $1,561,394

Hemophilia Association of San Diego County: $230,952

CT Hemophilia Society: $257, 082

Florida Hemophilia Association: $842, 115

Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida: $1,238,668

Hemophilia of Iowa: $336,478

Bleeding Disorders Alliance of Illinois: $687,572

Hemophilia of Indiana: $1,382,916

Midwest Hemophilia Association: 190,363

Kentucky Hemophilia Foundation: $427,557

Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation: $58,048

New England Hemophilia Association: $565,239

Hemophilia Association of Maine: $136,241

Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan: $2,200,677

Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota and the Dakotas: $604,619

Gateway Hemophilia Association: $498,757

Rocky Mountain Hemophilia and Bleeding DIsorders Association: $112,605

Hemophilia of North Carolina: $308,294

Sangre de Oro, Bleeding Disorders Foundation of New Mexico: $114,791

Western New York BloodCare: $20,985,449

New York City Hemophilia Chapter: $597,452

Bleeding Disorders Association of Northeastern New York: $481,401

Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center: $5,059,192

Northwest Ohio Hemophilia Foundation: $62,744

Southwestern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation: $234,720

Northern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation: $531,944

Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation: $142,879

Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon: $317,394

Eastern Pennsylvania Hemophilia Foundation: $1,517,316

Hemophilia of South Carolina: $226,902

Texas Central Hemophilia Association: $163,964

Lone Star Chapter of NHF: $1,134,566

Virginia Hemophilia Foundation: $1,335,759

Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area: $470,363

Bleeding Disorders Foundation of Washington: $512,662

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation: 2,114,099

Do you now understand why we made a big deal about the National Hemophilia Foundation receiving a $2M Payroll Protection Program loan? If NHF really needed the funds to cover payroll, they can pull funds from any one of these chapters.

There were other chapters who also received a PPP loan, but we don't want to overload you all at once. We will save that for another day.


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