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There are Now 47 Hemlibra Fatalities

Hemlibra Deaths

According to the FDA Adverse Events Reporting System, we can see that there are now 47 deaths for patients who were perscribed Hemliba. (emicizumab)

When we last reported there were 44. However, that reporting was from Genentech, until they stopped giving access to the fatalities report due to our dilligent reporting to the community. Genentech has not updated the fatalities report since June of 2020. Here is the interesting part, back in August of 2020, the FDA Averse Events Reporting System had reported only 19 hemlibra deaths when Genentech was reporting 44. Now fast forward to February of 2021 and the FDA is now reporting 47 fatalities. If we only had access to Genentech's reporting we can assume that number is more than 47. The fact that Genentech no longer wants to remain transparent is concerning and the consumer should have access to this data.

Now, the only reporting we have is through the FDA, which is often delayed and not always accurate but it is enough data to report on. The first 5 deaths were reported in March of 2018. By June of 2020 the deaths were 44. Genentech has good reason to hide the Hemlibra death data from patients due to sales because, as you know, it all comes down to money. If the product is profitable but 47 people die, the positive (billions in profit) outweighs taking the lives of 47 people, reportedly. By the way, a school bus can seat 48. Hemlibra has pretty much taken out a school bus of patients.

If you want to read the most deatiled reporting to-date about Hemlibra, you can check out this article that Hemo Times published back in August 2020.

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