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Los Vallenatos De La Cumbia Discografia selosmu




Cumbia Vallenata. 1996. Alegrías y éxitos. 2002. Oro Azul. Vallenatos del Valle 2002 Brillante. 2003. Surfando la Cumbia. 2004. Diablo. 2005. Mega. 2006. El Perfume. Vallenato Folclore. 2007. Pasito. Vallenato Folclore. 2008. El Placer. 2007. El Sonido Latino. 2009. Bebés. Vallenatos del Valle. 2009. Historia del Vallenato 2010 Nuestro Son 2017 References External links Official site Category:American music Category:Dominican Republic music Category:Neologisms Category:Musical terminology Category:Puerto Rican styles of musicQ: How to remove the adapter in horizontal recycler view when i click on button? I have used one horizontal recyclerview, i have added adapter on it.I have made a button in footer and i have a logic such that when i click on that button that adapter should remove. A: Add the following lines of code in the footer of the recycler view. public interface ViewClickable { public void onClick(View view); } Inflate the recyclerview on the click of the button and add the click listener as follows: @Override public void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder, int position) { if (holder instanceof YourViewHolder) { YourViewHolder viewHolder = (YourViewHolder) holder; viewHolder.mView.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { if (viewHolder.mButtonListener!= null) { viewHolder.mButtonListener.onClick(v);



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Los Vallenatos De La Cumbia Discografia selosmu
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